Source Co-Founder

Nancy Rogers

Nancy has worked with institutions to improve the processes as well as ignite staff performance in areas of admissions and financial aid. In today’s world of Millennials and Gen Z, strong processes are even more important. Nancy strongly believes that we do not ‘sell’ education, we motivate students to ‘buy’.

Module Curriculum

Your success starts here! Knowing what to text and what to say is imperative to your success. Instruction is provided on how, what and when to combine 'tech with touch' to produce the best outcome.

  • 1

    Setting Appointments that Show

    • Navigating the Module

    • Introduction & Learning Objectives

    • Pre-Learning Survey

  • 2

    Our Students & Their Characteristics

    • Student Characteristics

    • Their Generational Differences

    • Quiz #1

  • 3

    How to Connect

    • The Need for Speed

    • Texting Works!

  • 4

    Proper Telephone Techniques (Using a Structured Outline)

    • Proper Telephone Techniques & The Telephone Outline

    • Source Telephone Outline (Downloadable)

    • Top 10 Telephone Tips (Downloadable)

    • Handling Questions

    • Quiz #2

    • Next Steps... Follow-up

  • 5

    Final Thoughts

    • Final Thoughts

    • Post Learning Survey